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2 Day Bushcraft & Survival Course.

Join us for two days to practice & develop your Bushcraft & Survival skills.

You'll spend 2 days & 1 night outdoors during this course and delve into the fundamental skills of Bushcraft and survival. Your knowledge and experience will grow while you expand your ability to take care of yourself, out in the wild.


1 Day Bushcraft Carving Course.

Learn to effectively use axes, saws and knives.

Spend a day out in the forest, learning from an expert instructor, how to use hand tools to create essential items from the natural materials around you. De-stress while you whittle around the campfire. This is a perfect gift for that 'outdoorsy' person in your life... or for yourself!


One-to-One Bushcraft Instruction

An ideal gift for friends, family, or yourself!

A perfect way to enhance particular skills which you'd like to focus on developing. Learn skills directly from an expert instructor, including; friction fire-lighting, bow making, navigation, shelter construction, tool use, foraging, trapping etc. Ample opportunities to question and troubleshoot issues you might be having will ensure your enjoyment & development.

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