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One-to-One Bushcraft Instruction

A perfect way to enhance a particular skill, or skills, which you'd like to focus on developing.

Learn directly from an expert instructor; friction fire-lighting, bow making, navigation, shelter construction, tool use, foraging, trapping, wood carving, wild camping, etc.

Ample opportunities for questions and to troubleshoot issues that you might be having. An ideal gift for family and friends who love the outdoors!

One-to-One Bushcraft Course: Service

We take direct bookings for 1 to 1 Bushcraft & Survival training, at dates and times to suit individual requests.
Please contact us via email or phone for booking availability, thanks!

£150 per person, per day.

If you'd rather not attend on your own, then two people can attend for a private course, at a cost of £100 per person, per day.

One-to-One Bushcraft Course: Text
One-to-One Bushcraft Course: Pro Gallery
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