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David, a former head teacher and now an outdoor activity leader, attended a Bushcraft instructor training course with us recently. See what he thought. Thanks David!

David Simms

Rianon, an educator and outdoor activity provider, was delighted with the 4 day Bushcraft training course she attended. Watch the video to see her opinions of Andy Lewis Bushcraft.

Rianon Francis

Ti, a professional outdoor instructor and business owner, came on a course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft and really enjoyed it! See what he has to say, thanks Ti.

Ti Wu

A primary school teacher and aspiring outdoor educator, Emma came on a training course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft. She loved it! See her thoughts and opinions on the training. Thanks for the great review Emma!

Emma Davis

Nacho, from Argentina, is a passionate outdoorsman and came on a course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft to develop his instructional capabilities. He wasn't disappointed. What a great guy, thanks Nacho!

Nacho Luna Borras

Jenny is a highly experienced outdoor activities instructor, with a focus upon special needs provision. She loved our 3 day Bushcraft competency certificate training course and gave great feedback.

Jenny Bendrigg

Following his 4 day course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft, Neil (ex RAF serviceman and police officer) had some very positive things to say. Watch the video to see if Neil would recommend us.

Neil Mcleod

Alice, a highly experienced Forest School leader with 18 years experience, did a 3 day course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Watch her video to see her thoughts.

Alice Kuchmann

Sam, an outdoor activities and traditional crafts instructor, attended a 3 day course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft. Sam travelled from Edinburgh to Cheshire to attend, and he was glad he did!

Sam Gardiner

Cameron is a scout leader and area coordinator from Scotland. He attended one of Andy Lewis Bushcraft's 4 day courses. See what he thought by watching his video review.

Cameron Maguire

Andy, an outdoor activities professional and youth worker, completed a 4 day course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft. He was made up with the content, delivery and value of the training.

Andy Vint

Simon, a Forest School provider and Bushcraft enthusiast, gave this excellent review after attending a 4 day leadership course with Andy Lewis Bushcraft. Thanks Simon!

Simon Pearson

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